Framed Prints from the Sea

Prestigiously Framed Prints                           By Richard Freeman

Thank you for visiting my website. Please enjoy my prints from the sea and marine life and my associated linked stories compiled  while I work alone on the Pacific Ocean.

Whether I’m in awe at the aeronautic skills of an Albatross or with heart racing moments when massive Humpback Whales breach, without warning, a few metres from my boat or I’m being totally overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the gorgeous dancing blue fairies capturing that moment in time is always about these marvellous creatures, the sea and just me. Please now allow me the pleasure of sharing a few of these amazing moments with you through my prints.

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Humpback Whales
Humpback Breaching x 900 wide A.jpg
Shark 001 F x 900 wide.jpg
Dolphin 001 C  x 900 ide.jpg
Sunrises, Sunsets and Moon
Sunset 001 G  x 900 Wide.jpg
Sea Birds
Australian Gannet 009 B  x 900 Wide.jpg
Jellies and Stingers
Portuguese Man of War 002 G  x 900 Wide.jpg
Mooloolah River Entrance   A  x  900 Wide.jpg
S.S. Dickey
SS Dickey 001 A  x  900 Wide.jpg
Weather 002  D  x 900 Wide.jpg
HMAS Brisbane
HMAS Brisbane  001  I  x 900 Wide.jpg