Sea Birds

I have great passion for the Sea Birds off the Sunshine coast particularly the Pelagic (Open Ocean) Sea Birds some of which rarely approach or take shelter close inshore. Please enjoy my prints and stories about these wonderful birds of the open ocean which roam free above the seas off the Sunshine Coast. 

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Australian Gannets
Australian Gannet 001  A  x 900 Wide.jpg
Fairy Prions
Fairy Prion 002  B  x 900 Wide.jpg
Yellow nose Albatross 003  E  x 900 Wide.jpg
Giant Petrels
Northern Giant Petrel 001  A  x 900  Wide.jpg
Storm Petrels
Wilsons Storm Petrel 004  C  x 900 Wide.jpg
White Wing Black Tern 001  I  x 900 Wide.jpg
Jaegers and Skuas
Antarctic Skua 001  C  x 900 Wide.jpg
Fleash footed Shearwater 001 G  x 900 Wide.jpg