My Life Alone at Sea

Thank you for visiting my website. I was born in 1951, my working life for the past thirty plus years has been fishing alone at sea in the open Pacific Ocean off Mooloolaba, which is located on the coast of south east Queensland, Australia.

Throughout these years I have worked alone, well off shore, in my small but sea kindly 5.6 metre Shark Cat. I began this life at sea catching fish with a hand line and rod and reel however I now fish exclusively for spanner crabs. I was one of the pioneers of the Queensland Spanner Crab Fishery which is today highly regarded for its environmental credentials and sustainability. Like all fishermen I have great days when the sea is calm and the catches are good and not so great days when the weather and sea beats the life out of me and my catch is small.

During this time I have gained immense hands on passion for the sea life around me. It is like simply me and an Albatross or only myself and a Humpback Whale and merely open ocean in every direction, I have in reality lived most of my working life alone with these creatures.

So you see I’m not really alone at sea for I have the company of these wonderful creatures which will befriend  me for a day, a week, a month or like my two Dolphin friends I fondly call Old Girl and Dolly (Dolly, seen here rolling over for a scratch under her chin)  the friendship may last twenty or thirty years. Another passion in my life is photography. I can become intoxicated with the adrenalin rush while capturing shots of diving Gannets as they truly whistle past at well over 100 kilometres an hour or with heart racing moments when massive Humpback Whales breach, without warning, a few metres from my boat.


Whether I’m in awe at the aeronautic skills of an Albatross or I’m being totally overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the gorgeous dancing blue fairies capturing that moment in time is always about these marvellous creatures, the sea and just me. Please now allow me the joy of sharing a few of these amazing moments with you through my prints and my linked stories below.   

Richard Freeman.




Unless otherwise stated, all images, backgrounds and text used on this site have been created by Richard Freeman.

Alone at sea with Humpback Whales
Of all the creatures which visit me while I am working alone at sea the most grand of all has to be the spectacular Humpback Whales.  I have such incredibly close encounters ... more >
Alone at Sea with Sharks
Once I would shudder when sharks came anywhere near me for all they seem to do is steal my fish which I already had on my line. I would yell ... more >
Alone at sea with my Dolphins
Dolphins are really marvellous creatures. They appear to spend so much time playing games and just having fun. Even when I’m cruising along at 20 knots or more dolphins are ... more >
The Wreck of the "SS Dickey"
                                                            ... more >
Alone at sea with my Gannets
Large inspiring birds are the Australian Gannets. Gannets are arguably the finest fishers of all of the sea birds. Their diving ability is unrivalled by any other living thing on ... more >
Alone at Sea with my Fairy Prions
Blue Fairies. more >
Alone at Sea with my Albatross
One of the truly large and magnificent birds on this planet is the Albatross. At 3.5 metres the great Wandering Albatross has the largest wingspan of not only any Albatross but ... more >
Alone at Sea with Jellies and Stingers
Portuguese Man of War. more >
Alone at Sea with my Giant Petrels
Giant Petrels as their name implies are large birds. Giant Petrels are always friendly and will rest next to fishing boats ready to pounce on any scrap morsel which may ... more >
Alone at Sea with my Storm Petrels
Without a doubt Storm Petrels are the little darlings of the high seas. At not much more than six inches long they are the smallest seabird which I encounter. Storm petrels ... more >
Alone at Sea with my Terns
Crested Terns. more >
Alone at Sea with Jaegers and Skuas.
The Jaegers and Skuas are the nasty Pirates of the high seas. They are powerful bully birds, power flyers and mostly solitary birds. more >
Alone at Sea with the Shearwaters
I am always fascinated by the different personalities and skills of different Seabirds. The Albatross are the masters of straight wing soaring, the Gannets are the champions of high diving, ... more >
My 5.6 metre Shark Cat.
My 5.6 metre Shark Cat. more >
Weather at Sea.
Weather. more >