Alone at Sea with my Fairy Prions

Blue Fairies.

Surly one of the most gorgeous little sea birds to visit the Sunshine Coast is the Fairy Prion. Fluttering and darting as they splash with their stunning blue web feet while endeavouring to startle plankton and other tasty small marine creatures which they wish to feed on. Fairy Prions dart and change direction and dance on the surface between the waves similar to Storm Petrels. The sunshine glitters in the water particles which they splash up as the light shimmers on their beautiful blue, silvery feathers. At such times like this they truly do appear like fairies dancing on the surface of the water while the glistering water droplets which they splash up becomes fairy dust floating around in the air before falling back into the sea behind them. When they are around my boat I just have to stop what I’m doing for a minute just to admire their performance. 

Fairy Prions are quite proficient divers and will disappear under the surface only to reappear in an unexpected location a few seconds later. They may rest on the water near my boat for a couple of minutes but they never stay long for fairies are free spirited and are soon off on their journey across the open sea. And journey they will to the sub-Antarctic oceans and islands to breed. And hopefully a few will return here to this region of coast and visit me again next year.


Fairy Prions are rarely found close inshore however some years we are fortunate to have quite good numbers off the Sunshine Coast. For quite a few past years I had not seen any at all so it is really wonderful to say they are back and wide spread. They are in singles and sometimes in little groups of three or four. Their wonderful blue, silvery white and black colours merge with the colours and patterns of the ocean. On an overcast day they blend in to such an extent that I sometimes think that I’m just kidding myself that I just saw one flash by, but then fairies are like that. 

Richard Freeman

Framed Prints of Fairy Prions.



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