Alone at Sea with my Giant Petrels

Giant Petrels as their name implies are large birds. Giant Petrels are always friendly and will rest next to fishing boats ready to pounce on any scrap morsel which may come their way. Their dominating feature is of course their massive bill which some say is ugly but which I think is magnificent. More at home in the Great Southern Ocean, all of the Giant Petrels which visit me this far north are still dressed in their juvenile plumage and the main distinctive thing I use to distinguish the Northern Giant Petrel from the Southern Giant Petrel is the tip of that wonderful bill which is greenish / yellow on the Southern Giant Petrel and pinkish / red on the Northern Giant Petrel.  Sadly our Northern Giant Petrel is listed as ‘Endangered’ and the Southern Giant Petrel as ‘Vulnerable’. 





Giant Petrels always give the impression of being a little ungainly or clumsy, and along with that mighty extraordinary bill I find Giant Petrels a little comical, and so, they always have me smiling. With that thought in mind I have put together this series of images together with explanation text.  







What do you do?












If a Shark comes after you.












You place your head under the water.











And you bite him on the nose.












The shark will turn ‘tail’ and be off.











"I guess I taught him a thing or two about messing with a Giant Petrel."












"Now where’s that pesky shark gone."












"I know he’s down here some place."











"Crikey, there are now two sharks circling."











"I’m GONE from here!"







Richard Freeman.


Framed Prints of Giant Petrels.



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